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Executive Board


APRIL 2017


Appointments are effective 12/15-12/17


President                                                       Vice President

Robert Welch                                                  Belinda Crane

ODRC Madison Correctional Institution              DYS Circleville Corrective Facility

Deputy Warden                                               Financial Program Manager

Secretary                                                       Treasurer

Cyndi Fowler                                                  Tyrone McConnell 

Franklin County Municipal Court                       ODRC Dayton Correctional Institution

Probation Officer                                             Unit Management Chief

President Elect                                              Immediate Past President

Shari Wolf                                                      Yvette Hogan

Department of Youth Services                          ODRC Dayton Correctional Institution

Performance & Qualify Administrator                Captain


Cabinets (appointments listed individually)

Adult Community                                          Adult Institution

Miguel Quinones VP    (12/16-12/19)               Dane Perrin VP   (12/14-12/17)

Cuyahoga County Adult Probation                    Warren Correctional Institution

Low Risk Officer                                              Lieutenant


Joe Suciu  (12/16-12/19)                                Anitra Barker   (12/16- 12/19)

Oriana House                                                 Toledo Correctional Institution

                                                                    Assistant Healthcare Administrator


Tion Benn (12/14-12/17)                                Vincent Goliday (12/15-12/18)

Cuyahoga County Adult Probation                    Franklin Medical Center

Probation Officer                                            Labor Representative (OCSEA)


Mike Randle (12/14-12/17)                             Sharon James (12/16-12/19)

Oriana House                                                 Lebanon Correctional Institution

 VP of Correctional Programs                           Admiistrative Professional

Charlie Adams  (12/15 - 12/18)                       Tammy Koontz (12/16 - 12/19)

C.I.I.C                                                           Lebanon Correctional Institution

Research Analyst, Consultant                           A.O.T Instructor


Juile Howe  (12/15-12/18)                              Leeann Schmelzer (12/16 - 12/19)

Oriana House                                                 Southeastern Correctional Institution

                                                                     Unit Management Chief


Juvenile Community                                     Juvenile Institution

Bryan Weimerskirch VP  (12/16-12/19)            Christopher Baker VP  (12/15-12/18)

DYS Toledo Region                                         DYS

Parole Officer                                                 Administrator


Frank Manuel  (12/16-12/19)                          Krista Collins  (12/15-12/18)

DYS Cleveland Region                                     Erie County Detention & CCF

Juvenile Parole Office                                      Director


Suzette Gilchrist  (12/14-12/17)                      Demetrius Al-Lateef  (12/14-12/17)

DYS Toledo Region                                         Circleville Juvenile Correctional Fac 

Senior Parole Officer                                       Asst to the Superintendent


Jill Ames  (12/15-12/18)                                 Andrea Jones (12/14-12/17)

DYS Akron Region

Senior Parole Officer


Erin Spieth  (12/14-12/17)                              Melissa Coe (12/16-12/19)

Defiance Co. Juven. Ct & Prob                 


Jewel Jones  (12/15-12/18)                             Vacant (12/13-12/16)

DYS Cleveland Region

Parole Officer

















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